Are You Experiencing a Life Changing Event?

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Have you ever noticed that When Life Changes, Money Changes and When Money Changes, Life Changes?

A Life Changing Event can have either a positive or negative financial impact. Whether it’s a planned change (like selling your business or taking retirement), or an unplanned one (like widowhood, divorce, winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance), what these events have in common is that they can create both chaos and opportunity. It’s not just a matter of managing the financial choices, but also about managing the change itself.

Regardless of your circumstance, you may not be prepared for the impact it has on you and your money. Experts say that a transition event can cause cognitive impairment of up to 20%. This temporary loss of brain bandwidth can lead to poor decision making at a time when the decisions are the most critical.

You don’t have to go it alone. As a member of the Sudden Money Institute™ with years of financial experience, Joy D. Kirsch, CFP® and Kirsch & Associates’ team of specialists are trained to help you transition to your “new normal” with confidence. We recognize that life changing events can affect you emotionally, as well as financially and that sometimes the emotional decisions drive the financial ones. We specialize in blending traditional quantitative wealth and money management services with qualitative planning and personal coaching to help you bridge the gap between the analytical and the emotional sides of financial change. We call our unique process The TruWealth® Process.

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